wine by the glass

The wine consumption has changed, both in method and in quantity.

The sale by the glass has been radically increasing, changing the habits of the consumer and the operator.

diWine® follows this process, simplifying the procedures and accelerating the evolution.

The diWine® dispensers allow to pour the wine directly from the bottle to the glass by entering the system some nitrogen (inert gas that prevents the normal wine alterations due to oxygenation).

The wine preserves intact its properties for more than three weeks after opening the bottle as if it has just been opened.

diWine® perfectly meets the needs of both the customer and the operator allowing access to a wide variety of wines while discovering different territories and cultures.

For the customer

diWine®  offers the opportunity to taste different wines per meal.

The sale of wine by the glass also makes the most prestigious labels as accessible, even in terms of price; in addition, it allows a greater possibility in the pairing with the different dishes within the same meal.

Each diner can choose among different wines, making any occasion a memorable one.

For the manager

A new way to drink wine and a new style of consumption: the wine by the glass.

Opportunities to enjoy by the glass are different, in serving, tasting or catering.

Thanks to diWine® your restaurant or bar has the possibility to propose a wider range, for both quality and quantity, of the products by the glass, in order to increase the consumption and the diffusion without waste.

Diwine is a new way to live your restaurant/bar, an additional tool to build customer loyalty and to keep-up-to date your wine list.

The new Diwine patented systems, make the dispensers simple to use and reliable to manage, while reducing the needs for technical assistance.

Thanks to the plug-and-play system diWine® requires no preparation or specific installation nor any external connection because the nitrogen cylinder is housed directly inside for an easy and immediate replacement.


• Backlight bottles compartment with adjustable LED's intensity.
• Digital display for managing all of the dispenser parameters.
• Standby function for energy saving.
• high efficiency air conditioning system to ensure the correct temperature of the wines and temperature's unifomity in all the bottles compartment.
• Easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Made of 100% tested components and safe for food contact.

Everything under control

Tested quality: laboratory analysis guarantee the maintenance of the organoleptic characteristics of the wine for about a month after the bottle opening.

Controlled quantity, thanks to three doses electronically adjusted, set at the customer's needs (usually 25, 50, 100 ml).

Controlled temperature, thanks to the air conditioning system (settable from 4 ° to 25 °) ensures the perfect wine service temperature.

Controlled hygiene thanks to the automatic patented cleaning system

diWine® complies in accordance with standards of the series EN 1186: 2003 (parts 1 to 15)

diWine® classic


diWine® CPS


diWine® style


diWine® custom